Everything you need to convert your trading
strategy alerts into automated live orders.

Connect your trading strategy to your online brokerage account in minutes.
No coding. No complex integrations.
It just works!

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Connect your Brokerage
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Blazing Fast Execution

Blazing Fast Execution

Convert signals into orders in milliseconds to minimize slippage and improve chances of a good fill.

Place Instant Market Orders

Place Instant Market Orders

Place Market Orders automatically. More order types, including Limit Orders, coming soon.

No Coding Required

No Coding Required

You don't have to be a developer to use SignalStack. It was designed to be intuitive and simple. Connect your broker on one end, direct your signals in at the other, and press 'go'. That's it.

Robust Logging & Error Handling

Robust Logging & Error Handling

SignalStack keeps detailed logs of all interactions with outside brokers and is capable of sending you automated alerts upon any exception.

Support Multiple Order Types

Support Multiple Order Types

Place Market and Limit orders automatically by adjusting the payload sent to SignalStack.

99.99% Reliability and Uptime

99.99% Reliability and Uptime

We take pride in SignalStack being available at all times and dedicated significant efforts to maintaining our uptime and performance.

The missing link for retail traders

Why do hedge funds get to have all the fun with automation? SignalStack levels the playing field by allowing you to automate your orders in the same way that they do it.

Diagram showing how SignalStack can be used to route orders from a signal source to a brokerage account
Mock up diagram of the connection interface of the SignalStack platform showing the broker web hook management interface

Easy-to-use. No coding required. Designed by traders, for traders.

SignalStack is meant to be simple. It does one thing and one thing very well: allows any retail trader to connect any signal source to any brokerage account so that retail traders can automate their order execution. That's it. We invest tons of time and energy into building direct integrations with brokerages so you don't have to. It's powerful and it's in your hands.

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Enterprise-grade order execution for the retail investor.

SignalStack is an enterprise-grade platform designed to be highly available and reliable. It is designed to process incoming signals from any outside system and convert them into live orders within a brokerage account. This is technology that was not previously available to retail traders. Use your new found powers for good!

Mock up of the SignalStack Main Dashboard showing an overview of an example account

Supported Signal Sources

Logo of TrendSpider.
Logo of TradingView.
Logo of Zapier.
Logo of IFTTT.
Any other system that can send a webhook
More Sources
Coming Soon

Supported Brokers

Automating your trades starts with opening a SignalStack account

Automate your trade execution.

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