Simple pricing to fit your trading style

Trade signals represent executed orders sent from SignalStack to your broker. Your broker commissions and exchange fees still apply.

Free Plan
Best for hobbyists and new traders looking to learn the ropes of automated trading
Free for Life
5 Signals per Month
Unlimited Paper Signals per Month
Unlimited Broker Connections
$0per month
$0per year
No Credit Card Required
Best for strategies that trade several times per week or month but not every day
50 Signals per Month
Unlimited Paper Signals per Month
Unlimited Broker Connections
$27per month
$270per year
Best for higher frequency trading strategies
1,000 Signals per Month
Unlimited Paper Signals per Month
Unlimited Broker Connections
$340per month
$3,470per year

Frequently asked questions

The SignalStack Support team is always here for you.

  • A SignalStack Signal is defined as a trade order successfully sent to a linked broker account. Orders sent to a broker where an error was provided do not count as a purchased Signal, Note, that a Signal does not mean an order was executed immediately by the broker but just received. For example, a limit order may be confirmed by a broker but not executed when received.

  • No, unused signals do not accumulate. Each month, your account is allocated up to the number of signals specified in your plan. If you do not use all of them within the month, they will expire, and you will start the next month fresh with the same number of signals. For instance, if your plan includes 5 signals and you use only 1 in January, you will still begin February with 5 new signals. The unused signals from the previous month do not carry over. Each month you have the opportunity to use the maximum number allowed by your plan, but no more.

  • You can upgrade your subscription any time. If you upgrade, any signals not used in the current subscription will reduce the cost of the upgrade.

  • You can downgrade your account any time. If you downgrade to a lower plan, the available signals will still be available through the end of the current billing cycle. Your new plan with the lower signal level will start on your next billing cycle.

  • No refunds are provided. You can cancel at any time or downgrade your account and keep the current signals paid for through the end of your subscription period.

  • You can cancel your paid subscription plan at any time by changing your plan. Any unused Signals will remain available through the remainder of the current monthly billing period.

  • See the support article on the steps for setting up your subscription plan.

  • You can link and trade broker account that offers simulated trading. Also called "paper accounts" or "Demo accounts" or "Simulated accounts" which are all free to trade. You will see the term "Demo" next to any account when choosing an account to trade in SignalStack.

  • Your billing period renews each month on the day you register your subscription. For example, if you sign-up for a Pro SignalStack plan on the 10th of November, then your monthly signals will expire or reset on the 10th of December.

Single Alerts or Full Strategies

Automate Single Alerts or Full Strategies

Add automation to your current alerts or automate your trading strategy with auto buy and sell orders.

TradingView & TrendSpider

Support Any Charting Platform

Seamlessly connect your charting platform. Supports any alert sent from a webhook.

Trades in 5 minutes

Easily Automate Trades in 5 Minutes

Easy set-up with no coding required. Great for amateurs and trading experts.

Order Types

Support Most Order Types

Market, Limit, Stops, Sell to Close, and Stop-Limits to name a few.

Auto Trade Any Asset

Auto Trade Any Asset

Crypto, Stocks, Futures, Forex, CFDs.. Even Options orders can be automated.

Reliable & Fast order Execution

Reliable & Fast Order Execution

Orders are sent to your broker lightning fast in less than .45 seconds. 99.99% SignalStack uptime.