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Convert trade alerts to orders

At the intersection of flexibility and scale, Lime offers APIs tailored to traders’ needs by offering multiple ways to connect to the markets. Ranging from REST APIs and FIX libraries to Direct Market Access, Lime has the technology to support traders on a wide breadth of strategy types and scale.

Our suite of Lime Trader products include a REST API to seamlessly integrate with our Web and Mobile interfaces. Designed for the trading of equities and options our latency profile is below 250 milliseconds* to offer traders a lower latency profile to route your trades.
*Internally reported data

Key Competitive Advantages

  • Latency profile less than 250 milliseconds
  • Limit and market orders
  • No technology fees
  • Smart Routing through Wholesalers, Exchanges
  • Streaming Websocket market data available for NMS equities, Options, and OTC stocks

Account Minimums: $1,000 Cash account | $2,000 Margin account | $25,000 Pattern Day Trader. For more information on account and guidelines please visit – Frequently asked questions. Geographic guidelines can be found here

Securities are offered by Lime Trading Corp., member FINRA & SIPC, NFA. All investing incurs risk, including but not limited to loss of principal. Further information may be found on our Disclosures Page.

Logo of Trading Platform Lime Financial.
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Single Alerts or Full Strategies

Automate Single Alerts or Full Strategies

Add automation to your current alerts or automate your trading strategy with auto buy and sell orders.

TradingView & TrendSpider

Support Any Charting Platform

Seamlessly connect your charting platform. Supports any alert sent from a webhook.

Trades in 5 minutes

Easily Automate Trades in 5 Minutes

Easy set-up with no coding required. Great for amateurs and trading experts.

Order Types

Support Most Order Types

Market, Limit, Stops, Sell to Close, and Stop-Limits to name a few.

Auto Trade Any Asset

Auto Trade Any Asset

Crypto, Stocks, Futures, Forex, CFDs.. Even Options orders can be automated.

Reliable & Fast order Execution

Reliable & Fast Order Execution

Orders are sent to your broker lightning fast in less than .45 seconds. 99.99% SignalStack uptime.

Setup is easy and simple with No Coding Needed

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Choose Your Charting Platform

Select the charting platform your alerts or strategy is sent from.

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Select From 23 Brokers

Securely link your brokerage account with one click. Connect as many brokerage accounts as you want at no additional cost.

Trade Live or Simulated accounts

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Set Order Directions

Define the order you want us to send to your broker when an alert fires. Choose from almost any order type. Advanced setup is available with over 1,000 pages of documentation.

Stocks Futures Crypto CFDs Stock Options Forex
Screenshot of the TrendSpider website.


Launch Your Automated Trades

Just copy and paste the link into your alert settings.

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Automating your trades starts with opening a SignalStack account