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Unlock more order flow, differentiate your offering, and empower your traders by connecting your brokerage or exchange into the SignalStack ecosystem.

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What is SignalStack?

SignalStack is a broker-and-platform agnostic, enterprise-class “plumbing layer” platform designed to enable any trader or investor (individuals, professionals, institutions) to automatically place orders in any connected brokerage or exchange account. In other words: it empowers traders to automate their strategies - no computer science degree required.

Here's how it works for brokers and exchanges

Seamless Integration
Integrate your brokerage platform with SignalStack. You provide API documentation and access. We all the technical integration work. (It's Free!)
SignalStack does all the technical integration work
Users connect their brokerage accounts to SignalStack security using either an OAuth or API key connection.
Everyone wins
SignalStack empowers users to route orders to their brokerage accounts automatically from any platform they use.

You're in good company with SignalStack

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