Get paid for introducing other traders to SignalStack

Help spread the word about SignalStack to other traders and earn a revenue share on any signals they purchase.

Revenue share up to 20%
Revenue share up to 20%
Earn between 10% and 20% of the recurring revenue from any customers who signup after clicking on your link or using your coupon code.
365-day, refreshable tracking
365-day, refreshable tracking
Tracking pixels last an entire year to ensure you are correctly credited for any customers that you may refer - even if they take a while to make up their mind.
Dedicated, one-on-one service
Dedicated, one-on-one service
SignalStack Referral Partners receive dedicated, one-on-one customer service and program management to help maximize the outcomes for both parties.

Affiliate program rules and regulations

In order to maintain the value of our brand, SignalStack maintains strict standards for participation in the SignalStack affiliate program. In order to participate in the program, you must meet the following criteria, and agree to our Terms, Conditions and Policies for our Affiliate Program.

SignalStack will periodically verify compliance with all terms and conditions. SignalStack reserves the right to refuse or suspend payout in the event of any violations of any of the program rules, terms and conditions, or guidelines listed on this page.

  • Affiliates must operate a business, website or service in or related to the trading or investing verticals, be an established influencer with an established social media profile, a customer of SignalStack, or must be otherwise accepted or approved by the SignalStack team.
  • Affiliates may be anonymous or use a pseudonym in public, however, all affiliates are required to provide (and update) their correct and accurate contact information to SignalStack. SignalStack will keep all affiliate contact information strictly confidential. All affiliates located in the US will be asked to provide a W-9 form for tax reporting before payments can be issued.
  • Affiliates must agree to never engage in unsolicited marketing activities such as spamming, unsolicited posting in private channels, mass direct messaging, or any other kind of activity which may be considered spam or unsolicited commercial messaging on any platform in any form.
  • Affiliates must agree to never misrepresent the risks, rewards, income or performance of trading in general. Affiliates must agree to always include a risk disclaimer to remind end users to invest wisely and to do their own due diligence before making any investing decisions. It is important to remind users that trading is a high risk activity no matter what tools you use. We do not want anyone to believe through insinuation or statement that SignalStack is a shortcut in trading. There are no shortcuts.
  • Affiliates must agree to never use misleading or inaccurate trading performance information for the purpose of marketing the SignalStack platform. No affiliates may market the SignalStack product using income promises, performance guarantees, or other language that may minimize the inherent and real risks of trading. Affiliates must agree to never misrepresent the capabilities or features of the SignalStack system or in any way imply or state anything untrue about the benefits of using SignalStack products and services.
  • Affiliates who post trade ideas or claim to trade openly in public must be honest and transparent in their messaging at all times. This means acknowledging the real performance of each trade that they claim to have made – regardless if it was a hypothetical, a paper trade, a real cash or margin trade, a gentleman’s bet, a public prediction, or any other form.
  • Affiliates must read, understand and agree to these Program Rules, as well as the SignalStack Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions, and other legal documents, including our Terms of Service and Disclaimers that are posted on this website.
  • SignalStack reserves the right to request verification of claims that seem unreasonable or impossible if such claims are made in public while promoting the SignalStack platform. Verification must be provided in the form of official brokerage statements, some other third-party method, or via other means, as requested by SignalStack.
  • Affiliates must agree to provide such verification information on request and cooperate with SignalStack’s reviews in order to maintain good standing in this program. Should a review take place, all information gathered by SignalStack will be kept confidential.
  • SignalStack reserves the right to suspend payments to any affiliates who violate these policies. SignalStack reserves the right to suspend payments upon receipt of an end-user complaint to provide time for investigating claims made by a partner. Repeated violators may be terminated and payments may be terminated and forfeited in the event of termination for cause under these affiliate program rules.