Turn your TrendSpider® or TradingView® alerts into automated trades.

SignalStack makes setting up automated trades powered by your alerts simple and easy. No coding required.

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Over 23 brokerage to Automate Trades

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Single Alerts or Full Strategies

Automate Single Alerts or Full Strategies

Add automation to your current alerts or automate your trading strategy with auto buy and sell orders.

TradingView & TrendSpider

Support TradingView® & TrendSpider®

Seamlessly connect your charting platform. Supports any alert sent from a webhook.

Trades in 5 minutes

Easily Automate Trades in 5 Minutes

Easy set-up with no coding required. Great for amateurs and trading experts.

Order Types

Support Most Order Types

Market, Limit, Stops, Sell to Close, and Stop-Limits to name a few.

Auto Trade Any Asset

Auto Trade Any Asset

Crypto, Stocks, Futures, Forex, CFDs.. Even Options orders can be automated.

Reliable & Fast order Execution

Reliable & Fast Order Execution

Orders are sent to your broker lightning fast in less than .45 seconds. 99.99% SignalStack uptime.

Setup is easy and simple with No Coding Needed

Screenshot of the TrendSpider website.


Choose Your Charting Platform

Select the charting platform your alerts or strategy is sent from.

Screenshot of the TrendSpider website.


Select From 23 Brokers

Securely link your brokerage account with one click. Connect as many brokerage accounts as you want at no additional cost.

Trade Live or Simulated accounts

Screenshot of the TrendSpider website.


Set Order Directions

Define the order you want us to send to your broker when an alert fires. Choose from almost any order type. Advanced setup is available with over 1,000 pages of documentation.

Stocks Futures Crypto CFDs Stock Options Forex
Screenshot of the TrendSpider website.


Launch Your Automated Trades

Just copy and paste the link into your alert settings.

the SignalStack dashboard


Monitor your automated trades in the SignalStack dashboard

Your trades can be monitored in your brokerage account and charting platform also.

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Join over 5,000 amateur and expert traders globally leveling-up to automated trading

Customize and automate the manual technical analysis you would otherwise do by hand - your way, your rules.

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Automate your orders in less than 5 minutes

No coding required. Connect your strategy to your brokerage account. Try it for free